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July 23, 2018
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August 22, 2018
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There are numerous advantages to choosing mediation as a mechanism for resolving your dispute. Here are seven key advantages that make it a great alternative to costly and time-consuming court processes.

  1. Quicker – The timeframe for a mediation usually spans across days to weeks as opposed to the months or years of a court case.
  2. Cost effective – Employing a mediator is significantly cheaper than hiring a lawyer because of the significantly quicker timeframe. If you reach an agreement, you also save on all the costs and fees of preparing and running a trial, which can build up rapidly.
  3. Stress – The informal setting of a mediation makes the entire process much less stressful and less intimidating than the rules and rigor of the court.
  4. Confidential – While a court case is on the public record, mediation is confidential (unless the parties agree otherwise) and anything discussed cannot be used as evidence later.
  5. Preserves relationships – Since mediation is more about collaborative agreement rather than a destructive ‘win or lose’ situation, there is less impact to personal and business relationships.
  6. Flexibility and control – Unlike a legal dispute where there are strict steps and procedures to adhere to, mediation gives control to the parties. You are empowered with a greater say in the negotiation and outcome.
  7. Satisfaction – Increased control allows you (rather than a judge) decide and agree on an outcome that is likely to be more satisfying to you.

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  1. Mediation is a great alternative dispute resolution mechanism

  2. Advantages of mediation over the court include saving on time, cost and stress

  3. Mediation is confidential and flexible – you maintain control!

  4. Importantly, increased control helps you reach a satisfying outcome and preserve relationships

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