Mediation & Facilitation

Commercial disputes don't belong in court

If you are facing a dispute, we can help by appointing a suitable mediator that will help you communicate with the other party and reach an outcome that all parties can live with. The process is confidential, quick and cost effective. You don’t have to engage a lawyer before you speak to us!

Example Disputes:
  • You have a contract or agreement, but the other party has breached it by not providing goods or services as promised
  • You are having a disagreement with your business partner about how to divide profits and workload
  • You are a franchisee and your franchisor is not providing the support that was promised
  • You are an employer and you have noticed two employees are not getting along with one another

Whilst we do offer an Early Intervention Service, for more advanced disputes, mediation is proven to be one of the quickest and most cost-effective dispute resolution methods available. The process is flexible, informal and the outcome is left in the hands of the parties.

We have mediators available in every state and territory around Australia. We offer two all-inclusive packages that will suit most business disputes.

Half-Day Mediation: Contact Us for Rates
Full-Day Mediation: Contact Us for Rates

How it works:

  • Appointment of suitably qualified mediator
  • Preliminary conferences and preparation
  • 4 or 8 hours of face-to-face mediation*
Please note:

*If the mediation runs longer than the allocated time, and the parties agree to continue the process, a rate of A$350 will be charged for each additional hour.

All prices above exclude GST and are quoted in Australian Dollars (A).

In special circumstances, we may be able to offer a reduced-rate mediation. Speak with our office today to see if you qualify.

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