The Accord Group is an international dispute resolution firm based in Sydney, Australia. One of Australia's oldest and most respected firms of its kind.

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Disputes are best solved quickly and privately

For more than 25 years, The Accord Group has been at the forefront of commercial dispute resolution in Australia.
What We Do

We help people and organisations to resolve disputes quickly and effectively by:

  • Engaging a panel of mediators and experts to resolve disputes
  • Managing industry dispute resolution schemes that promote fair dealings between participants
  • Equipping people and organisations with the skills to become effective dispute resolvers through our internationally recognised training programs
  • Kirsty Dunn
    The skills I developed and process knowledge I took away from The Accord Group's mediation course have been invaluable to my role as a commercial lawyer. The course enabled me to begin practising as an accredited mediator and helped me become a better representative for my clients. Their training team are highly experienced practitioners who truly understand the facilitative mediation model and how to apply it in commercial contexts.
    Kirsty Dunn
    Thomson Geer Lawyers
  • Martin Rose, Franchisor
    We dealt for many years with The Accord Group while they were responsible for The Office of the Franchising Mediation Advisor. We found its team to be highly skilled and efficient in managing franchise disputes. They had an in-depth knowledge of the franchise industry, relevant law and how to best navigate dispute resolution. Invariably they chose very appropriate and skilled mediators to assist us in any matter referred to them. Dealing with them was always efficient and productive.
    Martin Rose, Franchisor
    Blue Wheelers
  •  John Dickie, Chairman (1998-2017)
    As Chairman of the Film Code of Conduct I relied heavily on The Accord Group for support. The group supplied this unhesitatingly with high quality input both in financial administration and as the go-to point to solve potential disputes in the early stages. The multiskilling of The Accord Group, in my experience as Chairman over 19 years, has been one of its strong points as well as giving high quality advice and support. The group has been at the forefront of mediation practice in Australia and are invaluable in settling disputes in the very early stages. They have looked after me during my term as Chairman and I have no hesitation in recommending their services.
    John Dickie, Chairman (1998-2017)
    Film Exhibition and Distribution Code of Conduct Administration Committee
  • Head of Legal (Asia-Pacific)
    What I take away after 40 hours with the lecturers, guest assessors and fellow 'role-playing' students has far exceeded my expectations. The program strongly encouraged me to apply active listening, empathy and to follow a process model to initially 'facilitate' rather than to always 'advise' prematurely. Admittedly, the program even fine-tuned my acting skills! Such requirements are essential for my concurrent roles as General Counsel, Husband and Father to my growing boys.
    Head of Legal (Asia-Pacific)
    Multinational Consumer Goods Business